Anonymous asked: hi! :) do you have any resources for Bulgarian? thank you!

Sorry I took so long to answer this one! You’re on anon so I can’t tell if you’ve liked it or not, but yesterday I made a post with sites and links to learn Bulgarian. I couldn’t find that many since I would say it’s not as popular of a language. Good luck ^^

Anonymous asked: 'dernière danse' de indila, 'comme des enfants' de coeur de pirate, 'formidable' de stromae et 'aficionado' de bb brunes sorry they're only french and i don't even know how well you speak french but these are my favorites ! enjoy ma belle :))

I’m going to post these, so whoever wants to look these up can do that too :) 

Merci beaucoup <3 

Sites + Links to Learn Bulgarian

Bulgaria-0583 - Rila Monastery - UNESCO Site

  • Lots of info on Bulgarian languages, good for beginners and seems to be a good site to keep with you as you advance your studies. 
  • Check out the right hand column for phrases for different situations.
  • This site has things from pronunciation, to vocabulary, language, and even things about the keyboard and most common words, etc. 
  • Do a YouTube search so you can hear what it sounds like. Here’s one for specifically learning Bulgarian
  • Check out some popular language learning sites like Memrise or Livemocha to see if you like the programs they have :) 

Anonymous asked: Which languages do you think sound beautiful in song?

I think a lot of them do! I can only speak for the ones that I’ve listened to :P haha but I’m obviously a fan of Spanish and Portuguese (mostly Brazilian because that’s what I listen to more), I think Russian is super cool, and Hindi. Japanese will always have a special place in my heart and Mandarin is pretty. 

If you guys want to send me music though I think that would be awesome *-* haha I enabled the submissions just in case :))

Anonymous asked: Which language(s) took a while for you to learn?

Depends what you mean by “took a while”…and at what level. 

My two fairly decent languages: I would say Spanish took me about a little over 4 years to get the hang of. Portuguese took me about 3 months in the beginning, but my practice was very inconsistent and I only started getting better at it after 3 years of initially starting. 

I studied Chinese for 1 year and am nearing the end of studying French for 1 year. I haven’t been studying these languages enough to know how long it takes to get decent at it, so I can’t speak to those two. 

Anonymous asked: Off topic questions but how did you afford to pay for school and travel at the same time? Do you have a job? And how are you in so many language classes? Did your college offer them all? You're truly an inspiration btw! Thinking about your progress only makes me want to study more and more!

Oh stahp you’re making me blush. Haha but that’s really sweet of you to say *-* Thank you so much. 

How I pay for school: Well…I guess for starters I should say I live in California, so I’m in the U.S. Americans will be familiar with community college, and it is a lot cheaper than state universities, private schools, etc. AND because I don’t have to pay for dorming, I live at home and my parents are gracious enough to let me live here still without paying rent. I receive financial aid which pays for a big chunk of my education at community college. (However I will say that I’m coming to the end of my 2 years at community college and was accepted into my dream school, so my expenses will rise soon, haha). 

How I take so many language classes: I basically took as many units as I could in community college each semester, trying to get all the G.E. classes out of the way ASAP so I could make room for classes I actually wanted to take like Chinese, French, extra classes that don’t really count for a G.E. I also took classes over the summer, and I had some AP credit from high school. 

Did my college offer them all: Thankfully yes…I’m lucky to go to a college that has a good amount of languages. 

Do I have a job? I wouldn’t really say I have a JOB job…it will be explained when I tell you how I “pay” for traveling, hahahaha

How do I afford to travel? After senior year of high school, my mom told me to get a job, haha. I kind of wanted something that would help me out with my future more than just an average job at a grocery store or something (not degrading people who do have jobs like that though!!!) so I found an online internship with a travel blog/magazine (travel magazine because I like languages, I think traveling ties into learning about the culture, and writing has always been one of my main focuses). 

I shot them an email, and we set up an internship. After 7 months, I was promoted to web editor. During all this time I am not paid consistently for the work as an intern or web editor. However, through this time I was given the opportunity to go on press trips to places like Mexico and Spain, that in turn for bringing me to be on-location, I would write about it, take pictures, basically give the location publicity on the blog/magazine. 

I hope that answered all your questions, haha. Good luck with whatever you’re doing! 

Anonymous asked: Do you think you can explain the Subjunctive(Spanish) to me? It's completely fine if you can't or don't want to! I just thought I'd ask you because it's obvious that you speak two romance languages really well and you're learning french(which you're probably good at too! :P) I only fluently speak English so far but I've been trying really hard at learning 2 languages for a while now. My Spanish is definitely intermediate and understanding this tense is really giving me some difficulty :/

Holaa :)

Honestly, I’m still working on knowing when to use subjunctive too, and it’s getting there slowly but I don’t want to screw anyone up or make false claims (just in case). But the subjunctive is a tricky little thing, hahaha

Check out this post by spanishskulduggery though, I think it would really help you!! Buena suerte *-* 

spreadingsassyaroundtheworld asked: Do have any tips on talking to native speakers to help you learn a language? Like, when in the language learning process should you start talking to them? Anything to help you get the most out of it?

Disclaimer: This is a personal opinion based on a personal experience.

I noticed that when you casually meet someone who speaks a language you want to learn, and they say “I can teach you this language!” it doesn’t really work. They might teach you some words and phrases, they might help you sort out the grammar or explain a few things, but unless you’re actively taking lessons, like real lessons from them, it’s difficult learning a language like that. 

For me, what really worked was…knowing how to use the language, constructing sentences, with an okay-good range of vocabulary, then talking to people who speak the language natively. Seeing how they wrote, seeing the structures and the words and expressions they used helped me take my Spanish and Portuguese to the next level. 

When I was doing that with Spanish, that’s when I changed from translating English->Spanish to thinking in Spanish. I wrote LONG messages in Spanish, and it literally hurt my brain and I was exhausted after writing, but once I got used to it, using the language became so much easier. 

I also recently realized, Internet speak is a whole new story, and learning how to speak the Internet version of your target language is more or less a crucial part for casual communication. Knowing how to laugh in that language (for example, Spanish uses “jajajaja”), all the abbreviations, etc. After I got that down in Portuguese, people (Brazilians) were surprised I told them I’m American, I think it makes a big difference. I think if you speak to someone who doesn’t speak your native language, who mainly only knows your target language, you’ll authentically pick up from them, how they use that language on the Internet as well. 

Hopefully that kind of helped, if you have anymore questions, my ask box is open *-* good luck. 

Anonymous asked: What are your thoughts on Duolingo?

I kinda like Duolingo, I’ve tested it out just to test it out since I thought I should know about it (being in the Tumblr language community). But for my personal opinion, it’s hard to learn a language from just one source, especially if you’re studying it by yourself. So I would use Duolingo in conjunction with books or other websites, talking to people who are more familiar than the language than you are, etc. 

Anonymous asked: Hi, do you know of any websites/apps/books/audio that can help me learn Spanish spoken in Mexico? Most of the posts you have for learning Spanish is Spanish spoken in Spain.

I didn’t realize all the resources I have for Spanish are for learning Spanish from Spain! o: I don’t personally use Internet resources for Spanish, so I don’t know specific sites that cater to regional types of Spanish, but you could ask spanishskulduggery, she’s super knowledgable and runs a great blog.