Hey guys!

Back from the little hiatus, back from Brazil (sad face), but back to Tumblr! I have a few posts planned out but if you have any requests feel free to leave it in the ask box. Also, if I ever left anything unanswered, drop by and ask again!


Anonymous said: You and your boyfriend seem like a nice couple! How did you guys meet? :) Enjoy your stay in Brasil! :D

Hey thanks :) that’s so sweet of you, haha.

We met online on Omegle :P I know that sounds kind of shady and maybe weird but hey, I’m still alive, I’ve met him in person and everything is better than okay between us ^^ We met in January and I came to see him in Brazil for 2 weeks in July.

American vs. Brazilian Pronunciation of the same words. 

I am an American from California and my boyfriend is a Brazilian from the state of Santa Catarina in the south of Brazil (just so you know where our accents are from). 


Brazil Update!!!

Being in Brazil has made me realize how amazing it is to be studying a language in the actual country that speaks that language. Portuguese has never been more alive, and more normal for me. 


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Anonymous said: Hello! I'm really interested in learning Portuguese (self taught). I was wondering if you would be able to recommend any HELPFUL books that are at a reasonable budget (not in the hundreds of dollars like Rosetta Stone)

I’m not much of a book person, all my resources usually come from online. But the first textbook I used, Ponto de Encontro, I really liked. It gives you both European and Brazilian Portuguese so you can pick which one you want to learn. It has all the basics and I feel like anyone could learn a lot from it. 

But if anyone else is a book person, feel free to respond to this. 

dreamers-direction said: Hey I know youre in Brazil and probably dont have much time to answer, but I would really like to know that at what point can get Spanish hard? I speak 5 languages (slovak, hungarian, czech, english and german) and in September my senior year starts and Im really interested in Spanish and Portuguese, Im just a bit scared that Spanish (or Portuguese) becomes very tricky just like German did.. To learn a "romantic" language is my goal so thank u very much for your time & answer! :)

Sorry for the super late response :P 

It depends on what your definition of hard is. I have no experience with the languages you speak except for English, so I can’t really talk about the similarities or differences in grammar, vocabulary, etc.

I know some people who pick up Romance languages like pebbles on the street, and others who can’t even wrap their heads around Romance languages.

I think many people would say overall, in Romance languages, conjugations are the hardest to deal with because there are so many for different situations. As a native English speaker I would say that after you get past learning the present tense, future, and past tense (some people even have difficultly with which past tense to use in the beginning), the subjunctive becomes a little tricky because English doesn’t really have a comparable concept (in my opinion). 

The grammar is the same structure as English, SVO and as a personal opinion, vocabulary is either a.) similar to English or b.) easy to pick up on. 

I hope this helped *-* it’s so hard to give a personal “diagnosis” because everyone is so different and I don’t have experience with the majority of your languages. 

Buena suerte! 

I’m gonna shoot a video with my boyfriend (not the boyfriend tag), if there’s anything language-related you wanna see, lemme know. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to edit and post, but you will see it if it’s doable and a cool topic. Any ideas?

Anonymous said: How do you feel about your year of learning French ? What do you think of the writing and the sonorities, the culture ?

I wouldn’t say that I’ve always wanted to learn French, but I guess I could say I’ve always thought it would be a cool language to know. But I took the class because I wanted to at least have a foundation in it, and so I could just add another language to my resume, if you will. I didn’t take it because I really really really wanted to learn it. 

I enjoy writing more in any language rather than speaking it. I enjoy writing, but the pronunciation of the words is difficult because there’s so many rules, it’s not as straight forward as the other languages I know. 

I had a hard time in French (i.e. the class was easy but grasping concepts was hard), but I think it was mainly because I learned “easier” languages first like Spanish and Portuguese. I was always comparing French to Spanish and Portuguese which I feel like added to that difficulty to French. 

I can’t say much about the culture because I don’t know much about it, and I don’t want to offend anyone. I have a few friends who live in France as well. But I feel like French is a very “perfect” and “precise” language, which I can compare to the art of ballet, also created in France. 

Anonymous said: Hi! I'm a native portuguese speaker and I hope you don't mind if I ask a few questions? I've been following you for a while and so I know Portuguese is one of your focus. What made you want to learn Portuguese and why did you choose to focus on Brazilian Portuguese? How do you feel about EU Portuguese? EU and BR Portuguese native speakers always seem to have biased opinions when it comes to them, so I'd honestly like to see what a non-native person has to say! Thank you (:

Learning Portuguese was kind of random for me…the summer I improved my Spanish, I met people from all over the world online and I met a couple Brazilians. And I think they talked about the language a little, and I thought it would be pretty simple to learn since I already knew Spanish. I thought, hey why not learn another language, can’t hurt to learn a new one! And that’s how it started. 

And I learned Brazilian Portuguese because I met Brazilians first. That, and in my opinion, Portuguese from Portugal sounds a little bit more like Spanish and I thought I would get mixed up more easily if I learned the one from Portugal. Who knows why I picked Brazilian Portuguese, haha. Even I don’t really know. I think it was mainly because I was exposed to Brazilian Portuguese first. 

I think EU Portuguese is cool, but hard to understand (it’s getting better though). I don’t have a strong opinion on it but I would like to learn more about it because I like language comparison, haha. I don’t really have a biased opinion :) 

Edit: I asked my boyfriend (Brazilian) what he thinks about EU Portuguese and he said “engraçado” :P 

Anonymous said: Hello! What's your native language? Do you study portuguese, right? Do you notice how similar it is to Spanish? How much do you know about the informal language that is spoken in the borders of Brazil with Spanish speakers countries in Latin America, the "Portunhol"? I find it very interesting, but I don't have a lot of information about it, since it's quite informal :P Anyway, your blog rocks!

Thanks ^^

My native language is English and Japanese. 

I do study Portuguese, but before I studied Portuguese I knew Spanish, so I do notice the difference :P haha but I don’t know that much about Portunhol/Portuñol. Many of the Brazilians I interact with live in states along the coast. But I do find it quite interesting.